Technical experiece
Our technical experience is solid. We don't do PHP or Java. Neither Mobile applications nor Game development. We do web services that are based on JavaScript. Our main area of expertise is JavaScript. It can be server-side JavaScript with NodeJS or client-side. We can use different frameworks on top of JavaScript like React or Vue, or we can even use a different language on top of JavaScript like TypeScript, but it always is JavaScript somewhere in our work.

Pavlik Kiselev, a founder of this cozy development agency Codeville, is all about JavaScript too. For the last 15 years, he has been in development. Frontend development of more than a hundred different websites and web applications, backend development of projects with a high load. More than a million people around the globe could see his work every day. There are several talks at conferences worldwide, tens of articles, hundreds of conducted interviews, own projects with thousands of users. This gives him a decent understanding of best practices for building scalable and maintainable web applications.

However, perhaps you are looking here for more specifics.

Our developments agency successfully (within a budget, time constraints, and without any stress) completed many projects. One of them was mainly the backend. The ratio of the backend to frontend was 20 to 1. It was based on NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL, Docker, GraphQL. Not only did we make the application code-wise, but we also set up a production server for it. Even though some processes can take hours, it handles millions of rows in the database without choking.

Another project that we are proud of (actually, we are proud of all our projects) is a landing page. Frontend only, very fast and concise. Two weeks - the job is done. Responsive, accurate, professional.

Quite a niche project was a Telegram bot with thousands of users (and hundreds of paying users, did you know that it's possible in Telegram) based on NodeJS, React, PostgreSQL + Firestore, and multiple integrated payment providers.

Apart from this, there are many projects of a combination of React/Vue dashboards and simple (or not so simple) APIs based on Express or NestJS.
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