GrowthHub is a company that specializes in Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking is a modern approach to getting attention to your company.
GrowhtHub built a web application that allows following the Growth Hacking process exactly as it was designed.

Starting date of our cooperation with GrowthHub

Number of full-time employees from Codeville

Type of work
€ 3 500

Total cost per month
Despite the fact that only two developers were working on this project, we managed to implement in two months the exceptional amount of work. Dashboard with an overview, "Only Metric That Matters", Growth Model, Experiments, Catalog of ideas and many-many more features.
The main dashboard that shows "experimenting pulse"
Usually, startups prefer to expand their current team with additional developers but in the case of GrowthHub they gave us the full freedom of the service development. Their idea - our design and code.
This service is integrated with Google Analytics to show your actual events
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There were a lot of challenges during the development. An incorrectly chosen state management library gave us a lot of headaches but that's what makes us Codeville - admitting the mistakes, learning lessons and moving forward without letting clients down.
Experiments can have tasks of implementing, connected Customer Persona and Funnel Phase for better focus and many more fields
Interface of their service
For backend API
Language that is used on both frontend and backend
Query language between frontend and backend
January, 15 / 2022

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