Vendie is a Dutch company that provides a Where to Buy widget for manufacturer. The widget allows users to choose their favorite retailer to buy the manufacturer's product.

Starting date of partnership with Codeville

Number of full-time employees from Codeville

Type of work
€2 400

Total cost per month
We joined the team of in July of 2021. Since then one of our developers helps to build many new features in their admin panel that is based on Vue.js. For this, we added several API endpoints to their backend on Node.js with Express web server and MongoDB database. The development is led by Bas Baudoin, technical co-founder of, who happened to be a talented marketeer and developer at the same time.

Despite the fact, that most of our work lays on the frontend, we managed to improve the pipeline of Continuous Delivery, added a backup of the production database, which significantly improved business continuity. Apart from this, our backend specialist urgently restored the production server when it was needed.
The interface of the admin panel on the test account.

Bas Baudoin
Owner & developer
Codeville has proven to be a reliable partner in order to accelerate the development of our startup. The responses are quick and the developers are professional and experienced in many techniques.
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Please note, that a lot of work was done prior to our partnership.
Frontend Framerwork for the Admin panel and the Widget
Web Components
For the widget to ensure compatibility with client's websites
Backend API
January, 15 / 2022

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