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Daily practice Dutch het-of-de rules with a Telegram bot for Russian-speaking people. The link is https://hetofde.herokuapp.com

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We joined the project of Telegram Bot HetOfDe in August of 2020. Since then I have built from scratch Admin Panel to manage the rules, categories, words, and see the analytics of user behavior. Apart from it, we've built the bot itself based on NodeJS/PostgreSQL + Firestore, the landing page for the project, connected the payment providers Stripe and PayNL, integrated the bot and the landing with Google Analytics, and many many more.
The interface of the admin panel

Natalia Oskolkova
Founder, teacher
Вот такие сегодня новости. Для кого-то приятные, для кого-то, наверное, не очень, но абсолютно необходимые для дальнейшего функционирования проекта.
The interface of the admin panel
This bot is a practical part of the Telegram group Gramma NL ???? Grammar Workshop by Natalia Oskolkova, where the theory is available in a visual form.
Everyday users get a practice test at preferred time. The time can be selected within the bot in the settings. In total there are more than a thousand installs and around a hundred paid users.
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Please note, that a lot of work was done prior to our partnership.
Frontend Framerwork for the Admin panel and the Widget
Web Components
For the widget to ensure compatibility with client's websites
Backend API
January, 15 / 2022

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