World-leading solution for online presence for Escape Rooms. They boost the User Experience so that people can fall in love with their adventure even before the start.

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€2 400

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Growity is not really a separate company that paid Codeville for the development efforts. To be honest, there was no Codeville back then. Growity was my project to change the world of escape rooms, to help them to increase conversion rate.

This project taught me a lot about startup development. Mainly - how to conserve scarce resources. Me, before I started the project, and me, when we had several clients in the world - are two different people. The first one spent a couple of thousand on design, the second one made an MVP of another service within a week.
The project consisted of three critical services: the first one is the client Experiment engine. It generates A/B tests on the client's websites. The experiments measure the difference in events: conversion rate, time spent on the website, scroll depth, visits depth, and so on. All the events are integrated with Google Analytics.

The second one is the backend Experiment engine. It's located on Google Cloud Platform and daily calculate the results of all running experiments.

The third one is an App, where we can manage the experiments, see the history of the runs, difference in conversion rate, results.
Interface of their service
For backend API
Language that is used on both frontend and backend
Query language between frontend and backend
January, 15 / 2022

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